Used Hotel Furniture Chicago

photo2Welcome to Perez Furniture – Used Hotel Furniture Chicago. We are a family owned and operated company. The company was established in May 2005 by a man with a vision. In this vision he wanted a company that was not only successful but meets the needs of every customer and client. The man with this vision is Angel Perez. He started his career as a furniture salesman and shortly promoted to Store Manager. After 14 years he grew a strong sense for the furniture business. He knew what the customer wanted and how the customer liked to be treated.


┬áPerez Furniture – Used Hotel Furniture Chicago has expanded from an ordinary used furniture store to pht1a large liquidation showroom that now offers new furniture and carpet installation. Perez Furniture started with three employees and has now expanded into a large team of dedicated and loyal employees. Perez Furniture started its business with hotels in the Chicagoland area and quickly expanded its relationships with other hotels, in various states such as Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and New jersey. Through growth in this industry Perez Furniture not only has provided its customers with new and used furniture, but a great assortment of quality household accessories.

untitledPerez Furniture – Used Hotel Furniture Chicago provides a five star delivery service and liquidation service. Our delivery men are considerate of customers homes and businesses. Perez Furniture has recieved various compliments and gratitude from its customers and clients. Perez Furniture has taken it back to the basics of good old customer service.

Through Mr. Perez’s passion and vision he has not only helped numerous families, but numerous organizations as well. He has provided families in need with quality affordable furniture for the last 3 1/2 years. He also works with organizations such as Catholic Charities, D.C.F.S., and Interfaith. Perez Furniture – Used Hotel Furniture Chicago has taken it back to the old school where the “Customer comes first”.